What Is Lux

YOU live life with intention. You have a vision, and you work hard to realize it (though you’re always open to worthwhile detours). You see the best in others and demand the best from yourself—and for yourself. You think the world is beautiful. You want to make it even more so.

WE get it. We believe there’s no one more important than the people sitting in our chairs. We know they expect the best—so we deliver it, every time. We’ve spent our lives perfecting a craft we’re fiercely passionate about, and it enables us to break your vision down into the hundreds of steps needed to make it a beautiful reality.

At Lux Salon/Spa in Fullerton, CA, we’ve been committed to truly exceptional standards of service and guest care since we opened in 1999. What started as a six-chair salon has become something even bigger and better than we ever could have dreamed. We’ve loved every step of the journey—and we hope you take the next one with us.